About Us

Meta Bioware LLP has always aimed to provide best packaging and dining solutions to the food and QSR industry in India. In our quest to constantly innovate and provide the best, Meta Bioware LLP is proud to present to you our very own green initiative of decomposable tableware, Meta.

Meta was born from the realisation that instead of living in a green and pure Earth, we are surrounded by pollution, wastage and a deteriorating environment. Every action has a reaction and every change has an impact. Meta is new age reusable and recyclable tableware, created to cast a green reflection of today onto tomorrow. Through Meta, we can create a smart, safe and a pure Earth and live as one with nature

Our Vision

To be a leading company in manufacturing natural plant fiber and other green packaging products for better health of consumers both domestically and internationally and for sustainable environment. We wish to bring about a positive change in the way we live by altering the way we think to make the environment a happier and healthier space to function from. Through Meta we wish to create a smart, safe and pure Earth


Raw Material : Eco-friendly - Bagasse

META GREEN is More than just a brand; it's a commitmenT TO A GREENER, MOre sustainable World. Founded ON THE PRINCIPLES of ECO-FRIENDLINESS AND QUALITY, WE ARE dedicated TO CRAFTING biodegradable AND COMPOSTABLE TABLEWARE THAT NOT ONLY ELEVATES YOUR diNiNG Experience but also reduces environmental impact. Our journey began with a vision to make Sustainable living an accessible choice for all. We take pride in offering products that merge STYLE AND SUSTAINABILITY SEAMLESSLY, Ensuring every meal served with META Green leaves a positive mark on the planet. Join us in our mission to redefine dining with a CONSCIENCE, ONE Eco-friendly plate and container at a time.

META GREEN is a pioneering force in the world of sustainable tableware manufacturing. We ARE NOT JUST A COMPANY; WE ARE A dedicated TEAM of ECO-CONSCIOUS individuals driven by A SHARED Vision Of A GREENER, MORE SUSTAINAble future. OUR JOURNEY began with a profound SENSE OF RESPONSibiliTY TOWARDS THE ENVIRONMENT, AND TODAY, WE STAND AS A Symbol of SUSTAINABILITY, QUALITY, AND INNOVATION.